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High School Events

Cincinnati area schools are known for their homecoming tradition and their all-in proms. Let Hey! Mr. DJ help make your next event something the whole school will be talking about. We have DJs who mix. We play the new music and we make it a great time.

For high school events, we even have a text request system. Students can text their requests right to the DJ booth!

Music you want and not just what’s on the radio...

You won’t hear complaining about the music the DJ played at homecoming or prom.  All of our high school DJ crews have a 20 something year old DJ who knows what you want to hear. We can also do text requests live at your event!  Call us. We’ve got you covered.

Note to teachers and administration. All of our music is clean edits. So we can play what the students want to hear without the language being offensive.

Father Daughter and Mother Son Elementary & Grade School Packages

These dances often times are a mix of boring for the parents, kids running wild, inappropriate music for the age level and really hard to pull off. 

We however have created interactive scripts for these dances that keep the parents involved, keep the entire two hours upbeat and fun and everyone has a great time. Please give us a quick call to hear how we do it. 513-617-5817

Pep Rallies

We can play live at your pep rally and even provide microphones for those speaking. You want to fire up the crowd just add a DJ mixing live! These are quick weekday daytime events so that allows us to price these budget friendly.