Cincinnati, Dayton Wedding dj

Hey guys, this is for you...

So, grooms - if you are reading this page, there is a great chance that you were either given, or you volunteered to take care of this one thing - finding a DJ for your wedding. The last thing you want to do is screw it up.

So here is the thing, you just got assigned to find THE most important vendor you’ll hire for your wedding.

Most wedding ceremonies last 20-30 minutes, while most receptions last 4 - 6 hours!

Your fiancée may not realize it, but your guests will not remember what they ate, or the color of the flowers, or whether you arrived in a limo. They may not even remember the venue. These details are important, but they don’t come close to being as important as who you hire for the entertainment.

70% of brides surveyed by a national magazine said they wished they had made the entertainment a higher priority.

Most receptions are remembered for the FUN and the MOMENTS that are created. Much of this fun boils down to how talented your DJ is.

The good news guys - we’ll make it so simple for you. We can make you look like “the man” with this decision.  At the very least, interview us. We’ll help you hit a home run with this one task you have been given. Call today: 513-617-5817


You can immediately determine if we are available. Simply provide your event date and press Submit.