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Seen at some of the most happening establishments around town.

If you are looking for a reliable DJ that will be consistent in helping your establishment build a crowd, give us a call. We can work with you on what the playlist should be for the crowd you are trying to attract.

Our DJs mix. You won’t ever catch us sitting down and staring at a laptop. We are engaged, fun, taking requests, and mixing in the next song on the headphones.   In other words, doing what real DJs do.

Since we have multiple guys that work for our company you won’t have to worry about covering the DJ when he needs a night off. We cover each other.

DJ for bars and restaurants

Turn a slow night into a SINGO night.

Perfect for restaurants, bar owners, and private parties.

Everyone likes to sing along with their favorite song. Everyone likes the competition of playing Bingo. Singo combines the best of both and creates a high energy evening of fun.